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Air Conditioning Tune Ups & Maintenance

Professional Air Conditioning Tune Ups & Maintenance

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Your AC system helps maintain your comfort level in your home or business throughout the hot Virginia summer months. Avoid uncomfortable breakdowns by having professional inspections of your system and regular tune ups. Routine maintenance also helps boost the performance and efficiency of your system.

Routine air conditioning tune ups help to increase your equipment’s lifespan, boost efficiency and save you money on utility bills. Without regular maintenance, you could end up spending more than 4-5 times on utilities than the amount to purchase the equipment. Moreover, manufacturers may void their warranties should your equipment not be properly maintained.

So keep your system running at peak performance and efficiency. Schedule regular annual AC system maintenance precision AC tune ups with Premium Home Services.

What Does a Precision AC Tune Up Include?

A precision tune up of your AC system is like having your air conditioning system returned to its original condition – all at a very affordable price! With every precision tune up, we take the extra time and effort to provide you with a top-to-bottom tune up, which includes the following.

Pre-Tune Up Assessment Testing

Our technicians perform critical pre- and post- tune up static pressure tests. This is the only way to assess your system’s comfort performance. Premium Home Services is one of very few contractors trained and equipped to perform these important tests and calculations.

Protect & Prep

As our plumbers, electricians and HVAC techs do on each and every job, we will prep all areas where we're working. And, we promise that we will leave your home cleaner than we found it.

Important Diagnostic Checks & Measurements

Once the system is meticulously cleaned, it’s ready for diagnostics.

Replace Air Filters Where Necessary

Your system's filters should be changed at least once a quarter. Clean filters allow your system to work efficiently while keeping the air clear in your home!

Post-Tune Up Assessment Testing

Every precision tune up ends the same as it begins, with static pressure measurements and calculations. Most tune ups begin and end with equipment, but the capacity of your system to deliver treated air to every room of your home is the only true measure of comfort and efficiency. These tests and calculations are your assurance that everything is working properly.

Perform Any Necessary Approved Repairs

If our HVAC technicians find any broken parts or needed system adjustments they will review them with you in depth. They will then perform any additional services after you sign off on them.

Put It in Writing

Our technician will provide you with a written report and review all findings before leaving your home.

Peace Of Mind

An annual heating system tune-up service will provide you with peace of mind in knowing that your equipment is ready to perform efficiently, dependably and safely all season long.

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