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Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

Geothermal Heating and Cooling System Installations, Repairs & Maintenance

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Geothermal heating and cooling systems provide an energy efficient and money saving method for both the heating and cooling of your Virginia home. By tapping into the earth’s core temperature, geothermal systems harness the heat in the ground under your home and use this renewable resource to keep you comfortable year round. In addition, geothermal systems can work as your home’s water heater, too!

Geothermal systems are a great HVAC option for anyone looking to save money while going significantly greener at home. Geothermal systems offer numerous other benefits as well.



Geothermal systems are some of the most efficient systems for heating and cooling Virginia homes.


Not only can geothermal systems be installed in new construction, but they can also be added to existing homes and commercial spaces.


Geothermal systems are very quiet. In other words, it will allow you to enjoy peace and almost-silence when the system is running.

Utility bill slashing.

According to, homeowners can experience a 65% savings* on their energy bills when using a geothermal system to heat and cool their home.


Geothermal systems require much less indoor space than their traditional counterparts. Therefore, you’ll find yourself with more livable/usable space to take advantage of in your home!

Longer life.

Geothermal systems offer a long operating life, averaging around 30 years when properly maintained.

Pays for itself.

With the energy efficient savings that a geothermal system generates, the equipment usually pays for itself within 5-10 years. In addition, we offer great financing options!

Free In-Home Estimates For New Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

Our HVAC technicians are geothermal experts. They are highly trained and experienced with the installation and maintenance of geothermal systems. If you are looking for more information on a geothermal system or are interested in a quote, we offer free in-home estimates for all geothermal heating and cooling system installation and replacement projects. Simply give us a call today at 540-642-0696 or click here to contact us online.

Free Diagnostic for Geothermal Repair Services

Geothermal systems are extremely efficient and require little maintenance, but the need for repair services can certainly occur. No need to worry! Our technicians are on-call and ready to service your geothermal system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And, for a limited time, we are offering a free diagnostic with any approved repairs.

Contact Our Geothermal Experts Today. *Financing Available.


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What Our Customers Say About Us

"The entire experience working with Premium Home Services was excellent for installing our heat pump/central air system. The initial consultation with Justin was very clear. He took his time to carefully examine our existing heating and provided clear options for how to move forward. The proposal was very comprehensive and took into account features of our house to make sure the new system would be the most efficient. The installation by Shawn and Matt was also great. They worked really hard and explained everything they were doing. They were extremely efficient and checked over every detail of the system to make sure it was working correctly. We were very happy with the process from beginning to end."

-Mike Fedore